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Kingfisher's Journey: From humble beginnings to providing lasting memories

Kingfisher was founded in 2005 by two long-time friends, Milo and Predrag. Back then, with just one small and old wooden boat, they started to show the world the hidden treasures of Lake Skadar. Since those humble beginnings, our team has grown into a trusted resource that has helped tens of thousands of people better enjoy their travels. We have made it our mission to provide you, our loved travellers, with the best possible experiences on Lake Skadar and to give you lasting memories.

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Discover the Beauty of Lake Skadar: Kingfisher's tailored experiences and services

Over the years, we have compiled a selection of our experiences/tours and well-planned routes. With them, we will show you the beauty of Lake Skadar.

We will meet your needs whether you wish to watch the sunrise and birds and enjoy the peacefulness of the lake or join a two-hour group tour because it fits your budget. We will ensure you get an authentic and enhanced experience you could not have had on your own.

If you are unsure which tour meets your needs and expectations, ask us for advice. We are happy to help in making your experience unique and memorable. Upon your wish, we can customize your trip by adding a special wine tasting, sampling delicious local food, and tailoring the itinerary to your preferences.

We can also help you find accommodation (we recommend Draga’s Rooms and Kingfisher Apartments), kayak and bike rentals, hiking routes, and much more. Kingfisher consists of an experienced, local, passionate, dynamic, and fun-loving team that will help you in any situation.

Flock of Kingfishers: the perfect boats for your Skadar Lake Experience

At Kingfisher, we are dedicated to adapting to your wishes, and we offer a wide range of boats to provide a beautiful nature experience. Our small traditional wooden boats are ideal for private trips, bird-watching tours, and smaller groups of up to 20 people. In addition, we have larger boats suitable for up to 60 people that are perfect for larger groups or unfavorable weather conditions.

Location: Virpazar, the Gateway to Lake Skadar

Virpazar, the charming small town nestled in the center of Lake Skadar, serves as the starting point for all our tours. Join us at the Kingfisher information desk located near the central bridge in Virpazar. In case you have difficulty locating it, seek assistance from locals by inquiring about the Kingfisher company or try spotting the individuals wearing blue shirts with the Kingfisher logo.