Skadar lake

Skadar lake, size 391km2, the biggest lake on Balkan, 2/3 of its size belongs to Montenegro territory, while 1/3 belongs to Albania. On the lake we can find 281 species of birds that is the reason why the skadar lake has the status of the area of international importance for birds (IBA). And it is also on world s list of aquatic habitats of international importance (RAMSAR). In the Skadar lake you can find 48 species of fish, 50 species of mammals (the only aqueous represented is otter). The plants life is various in the summer meadows of water lily leafs of Lotos and water caltrop stretch for many miles across the lake. Skadar lake has great history and culture lot of fortress's very old  monasteries and churches, old architectur, fishing villages ,old bridges, water mills and wells . Boat cruising on Skadar lake is one of the most exciting activities you can do in the national park area . We picked some of the most interesting tours witch you can visit with our company.


Virpazar is placed on  rivers Crmnica, Oraosnica and its known as main port on Skadar lake. Long time ago Virpazar was the most important market place in the country. Today Virpazar is mostly touristic place. In the half of the XIX century Virpazar getting urban character, in the year 1905 Virpazar got the first boat port and from thet moment  it becomes a important connection between the capital city and the coast. Also it was usuall to travel to Albania with the boat from Virpazar. Vrpazar is known as the town on 3 bridges, you can visit the fortress Besac made in 15century. In Virpazar you can find many restorans witch are offering traditional food and delicate fish specialty's, and we recommend trying some local Vines known as Crmnicki vranac or home made grapa known as lozova rakija.