Birdwatching tours through the heaven of birds

From the tranquil waters of the lake to the lush vegetation along its shores, visitors can witness an impressive range of avian species throughout the year. The calls of birds echo through the misty morning air, as flocks of migratory birds make their way across the vast expanse of the lake, creating a truly mesmerizing sight.

How we do it:

We will meet in Virpazar at 7 in the morning. This is the perfect time for observing the birds because the lake is peaceful, and nature is just waking up.

Early you will say? Let us know whether you prefer coffee or tea, and we will ensure you’re awake.

And warm. – That would be your second concern. Well, bring your jumpers and sweaters, and we will have a blanket for you – just in case.

We will also bring on board books about the birds we will meet and stories behind the landmarks of the Lake Skadar area.

Binoculars will help you better observe the birds and their movements.

The tour will last approx. 2 and-a-half hours. After that, we will take you back to Virpazar.

Don’t hesitate to take your chance and witness the beauty that the lake has to offer! We know all the places where the birds hide, and yours is only to enjoy the sound and beauty of our bird visitants.

Explore the internationally renowned bird sanctuary nestled within Lake Skadar, an idyllic destination that captivates ornithologists worldwide. The journey promises to be a breathtaking experience, offering a glimpse into the flourishing avian life that calls Lake Skadar its home.

Nestled by the shimmering lake are two bird reserves that are both hailed as Important Bird and Biodiversity Areas, beckoning bird enthusiasts to this idyllic spot. The tranquil waters and lush vegetation make it a paradise for avian fauna, and throughout the year, the reserve boasts an impressive diversity of birdlife.

During nesting season, visitors can witness the bustling communities of birds busily tending to their young ones. Resident birds, which live in the reserve year-round, can also be spotted, each with their distinct habits and calls. As the colder months approach, the reserve welcomes wintering flocks seeking refuge in its warmer climate.

The reserve’s location on migratory routes also attracts a wealth of bird species that pass through on their journey to and from their breeding grounds. These migratory groups come in all shapes and sizes, with some species traveling thousands of miles to reach their destination. Additionally, the reserve occasionally welcomes vagrant visitors, rare species that have been spotted outside their typical range.

The bird species that call this reserve home are equally captivating. Black cormorants can be seen perched atop willow trees or nesting on water lily pads, and other rare species are known to make appearances. The elegant white herons, with their snow-white plumage, are a common sight, as are the yellow squacco herons and grey herons, often found wading in the shallow waters in search of prey. Visitors may also spot the elusive little grebes, the colorful kingfishers, the striking ferruginous ducks, or the crusted grebes, distinguished by their red eyes and punk-rock hairstyles. Each species is a testament to the beauty and diversity of the natural world.

This photo shows a beautiful white heron - taken on one of our birdwatching tours.
This photo shows a beautiful white heron - taken on one of our birdwatching tours.

Elegance in flight


Nestled amidst the floating moss, called arbunos, in the ornithological reservoir of Pančevo oko, one can find the awe-inspiring Dalmatian pelicans. These magnificent birds, known for their impressive size and striking appearance, find here the perfect habitat to build their nests.

Standing tall at 170 to 190 cm in length, with wingspans exceeding 3 meters, the Dalmatian pelican commands attention. Their appearance is further enhanced by the long, curly feathers atop their heads, and the black feathers at the tips of their wings, which add a dramatic flair to their already impressive physique. As they glide through the air, these majestic birds announce their presence with hissing and rattling sounds that echo across the water.

With a diet that consists mainly of fish up to 50 cm in length, Dalmatian pelicans are impressive hunters. Their elegant posture while in flight, which bears a striking resemblance to that of a heron, only adds to their majestic aura. While they only migrate short distances, Dalmatian pelicans gather in large colonies to nest once a year, laying 2 to 3 white eggs. The sight of these birds in their natural habitat is truly a remarkable experience.

This photo shows a beautiful bird enjoying the day - taken on one of our birdwatching tours.
This photo shows a beautiful bird enjoying the day - taken on one of our birdwatching tours.