Private Lake Skadar Tour: Discover the Montenegrin Alcatraz

Private Lake Skadar Tour: Discover the Montenegrin Alcatraz

Private tour

Are you looking for a quick way to explore Lake Skadar, one of Europe's largest lakes? Our unique, short sightseeing tour lets you discover the famous Montenegrin Alcatraz and learn about its intriguing past from our knowledgeable guide.

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English, Serbian


  • Navigate along a small river channel with a fence made of willows and reeds.
  • Soak up the scenic views of Mount Vranjina and the impressive ranges in Albania.
  • Watch the Montenegrin Alcatraz ascend from the waters of Lake Skadar.
  • Swim, refresh yourself and enjoy the summer breeze!

Full description

Just a twenty-minute sail from Virpazar, near the village of Godinje, the ruined fortress Grmožur rises from the waters of Lake Skadar. This abandoned fortification is known as Montenegrin Alcatraz because it used to be a jail during the time of King Nikola. Among the locals, Grmožur is called the Island of Snakes.

Nowadays, the island is a permanent habitat for certain bird species and a temporary refuge for others during their migration from central and northern Europe to Africa. That is why it has another name, more beautiful than the previous ones – the Island of Birds.

How we do it:

Climb onboard your boat and sail along a small river surrounded by water lilies, reeds and willows. When you exit the river, you will find yourself on the open part of the lake while the boat takes you to Grmožur. After 20 minutes, a beautiful landscape awaits:

The islet rising from the waters of Lake Skadar, the birds that dry their wings on top of the ruins, the bright blue sky and the distant Albanian peaks will come into your view.

Bring your swimsuit and enjoy the refreshing swim on the open lake!

  • English-speaking tour guide
  • Sightseeing boat tour with Wi-Fi onboard
  • Map with stories from the Lake Skadar area
  • Regional wine, juice and water
  • Life vests and other safety equipment
  • National park fee (5€ per person, free for children under 15)
  • Music onboard
  • Lunch/meals
  • Gratuities

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Meeting point & other important information

Join us at the Kingfisher information desk near the central bridge in Virpazar 30 minutes before the scheduled departure time. Click here for the exact location. 

It is important to note that the information desk is the designated meeting point, and you should arrive there only after you have parked and are ready to start the tour.

If you are running late and unable to reach the meeting point at the predetermined time, please get in touch with us immediately using the emergency phone number provided.

  • Biodegradable sunscreen
  • Sunglasses and sun hat
  • Swimwear and towels
  • Binoculars
  • Jacket

Please note that this tour is subject to cancellation due to weather conditions. If it is raining or there are strong winds, we may alter the boat used for the tour, reschedule your booking for another day, or cancel the tour. We will contact you promptly in the event of any changes to your booking.

For any other questions, please check our FAQ page.

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Lake Skadar, tranquil and beautiful
We took a late afternoon one-hour private boat tour to the Montenegrin Alcatraz and truly enjoyed it. The captain was very hospitable; the views of the water lilies along the river out to Lake Skadar, Lake Skadar itself, and the mountains around the lake were amazing! We also saw many beautiful birds flying over the water and perching on the 'Alcatraz'. The sun was setting while we were heading back to the shore, transforming the whole experience into magical. I recommend this tour to anyone visiting Montenegro.
Maya, GetYourGuide, September 2023
Very well organised, excellent stuff
It was a great shared tour with the best captain on the lake. If we would do this again with our two children, it would be a unique experience!
Pavlinka, GetYourGuide, April 2023

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