Visit Karuč, the hidden pearl of Lake Skadar

Visit Karuč, the hidden pearl of Lake Skadar

Private tour

Explore the wildest parts of Lake Skadar and discover a tiny, hidden hamlet: the old village of Karuč. Cruise through narrow channels, breathtaking nature, crystal clear waters and captivating sights.

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  • Sail through a small, narrow river with the sides sheathed in reeds and willows.
  • Discover Lesendro as you glide through the endless meadows of water chestnuts.
  • Observe different birds and enjoy their unique appearance and lovely sound.
  • Feel the spirit of past times preserved in the tiny fishing village of Karuč.
  • Immerse in the deep-blue waters of Lake Skadar and enjoy its untouched nature.

Start your journey in a tiny townlet on three bridges – Virpazar. Leave its harbour sailing through a small, narrow river with the sides sheathed in reeds and water willow.

Continue left and under a nearby bridge. Discover Lesendro there, an 18th-century fortress, as you glide through the fields of water chestnuts. Locals call them – kasaronje. Observe birds and enjoy their unique beauty and lovely sound.

Continue your sail near the three islands. Impassable and overgrown with low vegetation, home to wild goats, they hide the Amazonian vibe in the middle of Montenegro. Take a look at thousands of water lilies and their huge floating leaves.

As you continue gazing at the proud Montenegrin coast, you will find yourself in a small fishermen’s village named Karuč. Like any other village on Lake Skadar, Karuč is tiny – yet it is a giant in terms of history and nature.

  • Karuč was the village from where fishermen used to go fishing, as the Karuč Eye was known for the abundance of bleak. There are still ruins of the houses the fishermen were using to store their nets and other equipment. If you have any investigative flair, you will also search for the ruins of the winter home Petar I Petrović Njegoš built. Being a place with a mild climate where winters are not very cold and rarely windy, Karuč is a perfect choice from November to April. Feel the spirit of past times and enjoy the mesmerizing environment and untouched nature.

Take your time and explore the village. Then, return to Virpazar after you immerse in the crystal clear waters of Lake Skadar. In the meantime, well, pack your swimsuits, sunscreen and towels!

  • English-speaking tour guide
  • Sightseeing boat tour with Wi-Fi onboard
  • Map with stories from the Lake Skadar area
  • Regional wine, juice and water
  • Life vests and other safety equipment
  • National park fee (5€ per person, free for children under 15)
  • Music onboard
  • Lunch/meals
  • Gratuities

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Meeting point & other important information

Join us at the Kingfisher information desk near the central bridge in Virpazar 30 minutes before the scheduled departure time. Click here for the exact location. 

It is important to note that the information desk is the designated meeting point, and you should arrive there only after you have parked and are ready to start the tour.

If you are running late and unable to reach the meeting point at the predetermined time, please get in touch with us immediately using the emergency phone number provided.

  • Biodegradable sunscreen
  • Sunglasses and sun hat
  • Swimwear and towels
  • Binoculars
  • Jacket

Please note that this tour is subject to cancellation due to weather conditions. If it is raining or there are strong winds, we may alter the boat used for the tour, reschedule your booking for another day, or cancel the tour. We will contact you promptly in the event of any changes to your booking.

For any other questions, please check our FAQ page.

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Fantastic nature and friendly crew
Perfect welcome and fantastic nature. Choose the morning departure around 8am, with fewer people and less heat.
Emanuela, GetYourGuide, August 2023
Absolutely amazing experience
Very nice time. I highly recommend this private cruise.
Peironny, GetYourGuide, August 2023

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