Lake Skadar National Park: Montenegro’s natural wonder

Welcome to National Park Lake Skadar’s breathtaking world, a natural wonder between Montenegro and Albania. Renowned for its stunning beauty and ecological significance, Lake Skadar is one of Europe’s largest freshwater reserves and a haven for biodiversity. Join us on a journey through its untouched waters, lush wetlands, and captivating landscapes as we explore the […]

Virpazar: A Comprehensive Guide to Montenegro’s Best-Kept Secret (2024)

Virpazar - a beautiful townlet situated on the shores of Lake Skadar

Nestled on the shores of the expansive and breathtaking Lake Skadar, Virpazar is a charming yet often overlooked destination in Montenegro waiting to be explored. Despite being small in size, this picturesque town boasts abundant natural beauty, a rich history, and a fascinating and diverse cultural heritage. Virpazar is a destination that appeals to travellers […]

Getting Around Montenegro: Navigating the Country’s Public Transportation System

Montenegro, a small country located in Southeastern Europe, is renowned for its awe-inspiring mountain ranges, stunning lakes, deep river gorges, and picturesque Adriatic coast. With a name that translates to Black Mountain, it’s no surprise that the country attracts outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers from all over the world. While renting a car may be […]

Kayaking on Lake Skadar: An Unforgettable Adventure in Montenegro

Kayaking adventures on Lake Skadar - your perfect immersive experience in Montenegro.

Montenegro is a country blessed with natural beauty and diverse landscapes, and Lake Skadar truly is one of its most beautiful destinations. The lake is brimming with natural wonders, and exploring it is an activity you should not miss during your visit!  While a sightseeing cruise on Lake Skadar is the most popular way to […]

The creation of Lake Skadar

Antique Venetian villages, royal blue Adriatic Sea, mountainous hinterland and breathtaking panoramas known only to locals – this blog will have all the information, tips and tricks you need to prepare for visiting this beautiful country. Until then – well, go with your investigative flair and do your research – but only after you hear […]