Kingfisher: Creating memories with you for nearly two decades

Our story started in 2005 when Milo and Predrag, two lifelong friends, launched Kingfisher. With a small traditional wooden boat, they began to show the world all the hidden treasures of the lake and its surroundings.
Kingfisher, beautiful colorful bird - yellowish orange on his tummy and mesmerizing blue head and wings.

Every ripple on Lake Skadar tells a story, and we are here to help you script your own!

From last year's adventures:

Bespoke Birdwatching tour to see the Dalmatian pelican
The excellent customer service made everything easy; we arranged our tour details in advance via WhatsApp. We met our captain early the following morning, and he greeted us with fruit tea, blankets, binoculars, and bird-spotting books. Although they emphasised that they couldn't promise we would see the Dalmatian pelican, our captain used all his expertise to locate one, and he was successful! The early start and cold breeze were worth it. I would highly recommend this birdwatching boat tour to any keen bird spotters.
Oliver M
Tripadvisor, April 2023, Couples
Highlight of the holiday
They are very professional people to deal with. We booked an extra hour when we boarded the private boat for 4, and they were flexible enough to let us do this. We had a lovely young boat captain who was most obliging: a lovely day, the highlight of our holiday in Montenegro. An unmissable experience! The lake is gorgeous with its bulrushes and lilies.
Richard W
Tripadvisor, May 2023
Our highest recommendation! Great tour and friendliness!
We took a 3-hour tour with our 10 and 12-year-old kids! Perfectly organised, genuine and friendly! The boat is traditional and has a shelter, so all passengers (12-14 people sitting comfortably) have shadows. The scenery is fantastic! The guide offered us local wine and some delicious typical breakfast snacks. Best of all is the friendliness and prompt answers before booking! Thanks, Milica and Philip (our driver). We will recommend you to all our friends!
Jane Bill
Tripadvisor, July 2023, Family
Amazing experience with a superior service!
We enjoyed our online booked private boat tour on the lake for 3 hours and extended it to 5 hours. The skipper, Philip, arranged everything perfectly and made the tour the best activity we enjoyed during our stay in Montenegro. Thanks to the kind team of Kingfisher for the smooth organisation.
Jeffrey de Caluwé
Google, August 2023
Beautiful views will follow you all across Lake Skadar
My husband and I did the 6-hour tour on the third day of our trip, and we both loved it. Our guide, Baki, was excellent, constantly slowing down the boat when we passed by birds. It is a relaxing boat ride through a beautiful lake to a cute little village (River of Crnojevića) for lunch. Unfortunately, it started downpouring on our way back, but Baki did an excellent job keeping our spirits up, and the rain added another layer of beauty to the area. He served local wine and traditional Montenegrin breakfast as well.
Alexandra C
Tripadvisor, August 2023
Beautiful tour on Lake Skadar, with fantastic scenery
My girlfriend and I had a great time on the tour today. Balša, our tour guide, was excellent and gave us some interesting facts about the lake and its wildlife. The monastery had great views across the lake. They fed us local wine and some doughnut / dumpling thing, which I don't remember the name of, but it was delicious. 10/10 would recommend. It's a shame it was too cold to get in the water then. Swing by the lovely Godinje wine region after, too.
George S
Tripadvisor, May 2023, Couples
Amazing trip and nature of Lake Skadar
Our trip was on July 9. Departure was at 11:30 am, returning around 6 pm, without delay. The guide served us drinks and warm homemade doughnuts "priganice" with honey! The route of the trip is lovely! There were two stops for swimming in the lake and a 1-hour stop in Rijeka Crnojevića, more than enough to explore this picturesque village. We liked our guide, Baki. His interaction with passengers is 10 out of 10. All the staff of Kingfisher were great from the beginning to the end!
Валентина М
Tripadvisor, July 2023
Amazing boat tours on Skadar Lake
We booked ahead on GetYourGuide, and it was very cheap: €20 for a 3-hour tour or €15 for a 2-hour tour. The boat was beautiful and nicely shaded. The friendly tour guide provided free water, juice, and wine during our time. The lake is gorgeous, with stunning vistas of the water and the surrounding hills and mountains. I cannot recommend enough!
Harry Wray
Google, July 2023
Excellent Kingfisher experience in Virpazar
Thank you so much for the humanity and friendship you gave us. Everything about the tips and the trip itself was understandable and clear. We, especially our one-year-old girl, were so pleased to have that excursion with you! Choose them, you won't regret it!
Yauheni Kot
Google, August 2023
Relaxing day on the water
Baki was our friendly captain for this lovely and relaxing excursion. The best boat trips don't have endless commentary on events and locations, which we will forget almost immediately upon hearing, but allow you to relax and take in the beauty. Highly recommend.
Stephen H
Tripadvisor, May 2023, Friends
Fantastic day at Skadar lake with Ognjen
My girlfriend and I did a private boat tour around the lake for 2 hours. The ship was very comfortable, with many spots from which you can take photos. We sailed through several attractive sites through the lake and saw many birds. Nature was astonishing. Ognjen was our skipper who did a great job navigating and explaining places, followed by an honest smile. He served us local wine and took 50 pictures of us with the best spots. Recommend this trip.
Danilo P
Tripadvisor, May 2023, Couples
One of the highlights of our holiday
The 7 am bird-watching Skadar lake boat trip was a wonderful experience. Kingfishers, herons, pelicans. All from a lovely old wooden boat. Great captain and super staff.
Paul Gregory
Google, October 2023
Excellent boat tour on Skadar Lake
Amazing views. Capitan Petar was very friendly and kind; he shared information about the lake. We also got to taste typical red and white wine and also got a snack. We also stopped near water lilies to take beautiful pictures. Almost at the end of the tour, we stopped in the middle of the lake and were able to go swimming for a few minutes. It was nice. Highly recommend!
Laura K
Tripadvisor, September 2023
Refreshing, scenic tour of Lake Skadar!
Our tour guide welcomed us with exceptional local pastries. He was a thoughtful skipper willing to accommodate the high temps by stopping for dips in the cool water. Plenty of water and local wine and introduction to local plant and bird life. Highly recommended excursion.
Douglas G
Tripadvisor, Jun 2023, Family
We had a fantastic experience cruising the Skadar Lake with this company. The tour guide, Ana, was always ready to help with all kinds of stuff. She is also a great photographer! We recommend definitely!
Bruno Mota
Google, September 2023
Wonderful boat trip and excellent wine!
It is an excellent relaxing tour to experience Lake Skadar and see its beauty. Our tour guide was very knowledgeable about the different wildlife of the lake. Charming local wines to try onboard - the nicest we had during our time in Montenegro.
Paige F
Tripadvisor, October 2023, Couples
Friendly staff and fantastic nature
We went for the 2-hour cruise in August, including a visit to the monastery. We enjoyed it; it was a reasonable amount of time to spend on the lake with great views. Staff were friendly and very organised.
Nia Bickham
Google, October 2023
Wonderful morning birdwatching trip
We did a birdwatching tour for 3 hours. We set off very early and were the first boat out. The view of the lake was beautiful. We also saw various birds - pelicans, pygmy cormorants, golden orioles, bee-eaters and many more. Our captain was knowledgeable and friendly.
Katrina G
Tripadvisor, May 2023
Excellent private cruise
We did a tremendous private 3-hour tour to Pavlova Strana. Our skipper, Dragan, was excellent, and the owner was friendly and helpful. The lake was beautiful, and the boat was comfortable. Leaving at 9 am meant there were very few other boats on the lake simultaneously.
Steve R
Tripadvisor, May 2023
Perfect tour if you only have half a day left
I missed my first tour, but the lady was kind enough to put me on the next. It didn't include Kom Monastery, but it was worth it. The tour guide was highly professional and knowledgeable. He provided wine and also picked water chestnuts from the lake for us to try. Overall, I am delighted with my experience. I would recommend going with them.
Nisha A
Tripadvisor, October 2023, Solo
Unforgettable experience! A beautiful view with the national dish, priganice and wine! Balsa, our tour guide, was a kind and pleasant host! All recommendations! 10/10
Tripadvisor, May 2023
Enjoyable trip around Skadar Lake
It was a delightful trip for about 3.5 hours. We had great views of the lake's northwest side (from Virpazar). It is a very reasonable price. Would recommend.
Rob M
Tripadvisor, September 2023
Relax into the natural beauty of Lake Skadar
It is a lovely, long, and relaxing boat trip that gives you time for lunch at a monastery village. We saw pelicans, grebes and herons, and the beautiful water lilies. They also gave us snacks and wine on the boat. I highly recommend booking with Kingfisher!
Stewart R
Tripadvisor, May 2023, Couples
Amiable captain and great tour
We got some wine and what seemed like homemade cakes of some sort. The captain included some facts on the tour and even took photos of us. Would go again!
Anna Vankó
Google, August 2023
Excellent service and competitive pricing
I went for the 2-hour Skadar Lake tour, and it was terrific. The staff is amiable, and I highly recommend this experience. It is a must when in Montenegro!
Mohamed Jeridi
Google, June 2023
Perfect boat ride on the Lake Skadar
We stopped only for the shorter two-hour boat ride as we had to continue to the airport, but it was well worth it. On their way to Africa, you will see a unique bird nesting reservation, a stopover point for migrating birds from northern parts of Europe. I would take the extended cruise to see some historical monasteries alongside the lake the next time I come.
Jakub Vagač
Google, September 2023

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